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For more information please email me here.


Currently, you can purchase our Love Oil below!


1 Hour Facial ..................  $170

A select blend of hand-made organic products infused with fruits, vegetables and herbs are selected for your skin type. This rejuvenating  facial addresses skin care concerns such as aging, sun damage and blemishes.



Active ingredients including natural fruit acids, medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals and local honey aid your skin to revitalize and sustain radiance. A combination of neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage is included. Combine with a full length massage or body treatment for a total of $200.


*Extractions are not included.


1.5 Hour BodyScrub .... $250

This organic and handmade exfoliation polishes and purifies to refine all skin types, leaving the skin so smooth even YOU may not recognize it! Shea butter and ther replenishing plant emolients blended with cooling and purifying essential oils further revitalize the body and mind. 


Combine with a Facial or full length massage for $290. 

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