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 Relaxation, healing, wholeness through touch.

There is great potential for expansion through safe and present touch. Our bodies receive every little bit of information and stimuli that pass through our fields of awareness and have no choice but to respond to and process through our various experiences, large and small, conscious and subconscious.


Finding the right therapist for you is paramount to your ability to let go of habitual holding and soften into the fertile space of healing, reprogramming and integration. 


The experience that I offer is one of deep listening, communication and response to the body's tissue, mobility and openness. Variations in pressure, explorations of joint mobility, as well as light and deep stretching of the muscles allow for a comprehensively beneficial expereince: therapeutic efficacy and gentle loving touch.

The modalities I love most are Esalen and Deep Bodywork. I specialize in perinatal work and injury management. See below for more in-depth information on these styles:




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