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Leesa G.

I woke up one morning out of the blue with my neck completely frozen.  I could barely turn my head and it was extremely painful.  
I tried the usual home remedies like alternating heat and ice, ibuprofen, etc. and nothing helped.
Finally I made an appointment with Tamryn and I'm so glad I did.  She quickly assessed the situation and knew what was causing my neck to jam up.
Tamryn spent an hour treating my neck, shoulders and cranium and immediately after treatment I was able to move my neck again.  Over the next 24 hours my neck felt better and better until it was completely normal and pain free.  If you are in pain, I DEFINITELY recommend you make an appointment with Tamryn, you will be very glad you did.
Ms Hawker is gracious, perceptive, articulate and a highly skilled clinician! I recommend her unreservedly.

Dr. Joe H.

Autumn D.

I have a lot of stress in my body from working at a computer all day every day for most of my adult life and nothing relieves the stress and leaves me feeling blissed out like acupuncture. I float home feeling lighter and better and stress free. If you are looking for a peaceful, light filled place for excellent body work by a professional who is also a nice person, look no further. Tamryn and Artemisia is the place.
Came in after a recommendation from my business partner. I was not disappointed. I have had some major back issues and Tamryn  was very receptive, intuitive and relieved much of my neuropathy just 24 hours later. I will be definitely going weekly or whenever I am in town again. Highly recommended from a professional Swimmer, Olympic Hopeful Athlete

Tony C.

Lilly G.

Tamryn is very personable, gentle and very gifted. I came to her due to friend's recommendation after having a total hysterectomy. She has really assisted me with feeling a lot better with the accupuncture and the herbs she has prescribed. I highly recommend her if you are on the path to wellness and want a genuinely gifted practitioner.

Antony D.

Tamyrn is a caring and dedicated acupuncturist. She has many years experience with her massage practice, enabling her to have a deeper understanding of the body and is able to incorporate her knowledge into Chinese medicine. I recommend her for pain management, women's health, chronic health issues and herbal medicine. Tamyrn listens to her patient's needs, genuinely cares and is committed to holistic care.

Harlan V.

I drove from Orange County to Pasadena to see Tamryn, as I was searching for someone who has a comprehensive, holistic, balanced approach to mind, body, spirit healing. I have pain that has manifested itself physically in different parts of my body, particularly lower back, neck, and shoulders. When I entered the office, I felt a gentle healing presence. What does this mean? Many of us have had the experience of perhaps entering a room and sensing that an argument has just been finished or cut short because it was interrupted by our entry. One can pick up the energy of a room. The energy of the room I picked up was one of peace and love and I felt very comfortable turning myself over to Tamryn's care. I had an initial intake, in which I shared with Tamryn my reasons for coming for acupuncture treatment. She is expansive in embracing my experience and her observations were very perceptive and made me think of some of my past experiences in a different way. Some of her observations were subtle and on point and some were even paradigm changing. I was touched that someone had that ability to listen and absorb. In addition, the acupuncture was effective too. I came in unable to turn my neck to the right because it was very painful. It was impeding my driving because I needed to turn in order to check the blind spot. After one session, my neck felt much relief already. I'm looking forward to more time with Tamryn. Thank you, Tamryn.

Karolyn H.

2021...  I'd been dealing with menopausal hormonal issues for months on end.. trying out a host of western medicine prescribed meds that sent me into stages of severe anxiety, weight gain, sweaty nights and daily hot flushes.. nothing helped. I miraculously was given the gift of a consultation with Tamryn. She prescribed a herbal mixture that I dissolved in hot water every morning before drinking or eating anything. Three days later, yes 3 days later.. each and every one of my menopausal symptoms disappeared!
Now 2 years later I have the general check-up to make sure the herbal mixture is spot on.
2023 and I have never looked back. This has been 100% life changing. It has allowed me to live a full and happy life. TU Tamryn!

Anne B.

Great, I will back and back. I will miss you sorely in Portugal.
Acupuncture is a marvel and the herbs surprisingly effective. Much better than pills and antibiotics.

Marie D.

I am a mom of a 3 years toddler with a full time job, I went to see Tamryn because I was exhausted with night sweats, migraines and with blurry mind after a day at work, this was going on for months. After our first 2 sessions (weekly) of acupuncture and the custom herbs she prescribed to me, I could not believe the change! Night sweat gone, blurry mind gone, exhaustion gone ! She is also a terrific massage therapist, one of the best I ever had!  
Her fingers are magic wands and I am so grateful to know her.

Marlee J.

Tamryn is an amazing acupuncturist! Because of all of her experience as a massage therapist, her touch is incredibly soothing. She is very proactive about your healing and will go out of her way to continue researching your condition in order to come up with creative solutions. She helped me by suggesting dietary changes almost 2 years ago that truly improved my quality of life. She really cares about her patients and she is one of the most empathetic practitioners that I have ever met.

Mary S.

She is intuitive as well as keenly intelligent with a generous heart and genuine enthusiasm for her work.  Her location is convenient and beautifully appointed with easy parking, and she provides acupuncture service in addition to massage.  She's an angel whom I heartily recommend.

Gabe G.

I'm an athlete who loves all sports. I go hard and my body pays for it. Since I believe that you can't deliver a message on a broken horse, massages are a key component to getting myself back into top form.

Tamryn's massage is like no other.

You don't think she's going to be THAT strong, but she is. Wow! But it's not just about her ability to get deep into your fascial tissue. Her massage truly connects all regions of the body to allow for greater healing. At times I will completely ZONE OUT and get into a state where I'm aware that I'm snoring/snorting, but can't control it. This is complete relaxation, which allows her to manipulate my body in ways that no other massage therapist ever has.

After getting off the table, I always feel grounded, rejuvenated and after a good night of sleep, I'm ready to put my body through hell again.

Whether you're an athlete or just need to relax, Tamryn is the massage professional for you (and me!)!!!

Savannah K.

Tam gave me the most profound massage of my entire life! She literally put me into a coma of pure bliss. I've had a few massages by many great practitioners, but Tams shook me to my core. I woke up from her love's induced snooze wondering what world I was in and how it could possibly get any better. That had to have been one of the most incredible hours of my life. Please get a massage from her and let's compare our notes on what elation now truly means.

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