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Congratulations on your Pregnancy!


I am thrilled to be considered as a part of your physical, emotional and mental self-care regime. Massage is an exquisite way to address many acute and chronic discomforts during your pregnancy. It is my hope that this information will be a resource to you in imagining what you can expect during your pregnancy massages, and also to give you an idea of how massage might be beneficial to you during your pregnancy and in preparation for your birth.



I work with leading gynacologist, Michele Hakahka M.D., to bring relaxing and healing hands to the pregnant ladies of Los Angeles! I specialize in Deep Bodywork and Esalen Massage. These two modalities, when combined, provide for comprehensive access and treatment of both the deeper and superficial musculature. My technique is slow, methodical and intuitive, ensuring a safe and therapeutic experience. Pregnancy massage requires some positioning adjustments as you progress through your trimesters, and I will always tailor my approach to meet your specific needs. Supported supine and side lying positions become valuable options as your baby grows bigger.











❥  relaxes muscle tension and improves lymphatic and blood circulation. 

❥  reduces anxiety, assists in mood regulation and symptoms of depression. 

❥  addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and

circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy 

❥  helps to address any inflamed nerves (for example, sciatica) 

by releasing the tension on nearby muscles.

❥  provides the benefits of deep relaxation (boosting immunity, lowering fatigue, 

stimulating deep breathing and oxygenation of the tissues)


Please feel free to contact me at anytime should you have 

any questions or concerns regarding your booking.

I look so forward to meeting you,



What to expect...

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, you may feel more comfortable in one, two or all of the following positions. We will emulate your favorite pregnancy positions for your massage. The utmost care will be given to ensure you are comfortable and feel supported at all times. Depending on your unique prefernece, comfort and any risk factors, we may be able to use a mixture of these positions for comprehensive access and benefit to you and your baby. 

Side Lying


In the side-lying position you will have the support of a Snoogle, plus additional support pillows between your feet and under your belly if you so wish. 



Best for high risk pregnancies. Lying in this position will support your uterine ligaments, prevent excess pressure on the uterus and vena cava (the main source of oxygen and nutrition to your baby).



Hips, sacrum, lower back. 



This position is somewhat restrictive to certain joint and limb mobilizations and deeper pressure.


: : : Once your little one is born, breast feeding can be facilitated and enjoyed by you and your baby while receiving massage in this position!!

Supine / face up


Here, your back & legs will be supported by multiple pillows, elevating your head, spine, knees and feet. 



This position supports balance and space for the mother to be. Addresses nasuea, heartburn and claustrophic concerns completely.



Neck, quadraceps, feet, arms.



The middle and lower back. Not recommended for woman who have been diagnosed as having low blood pressure, or if there is any concern about fetal oxygenation or blood circulation to the fetus.

Prone / Face down


A specialized pregnancy positioning system allows for supine massage while providing both space and adjustable support to the varying stages of your growing belly. 



Mum is able to lie face down for a breif repreive from the usual restrictions of an enlarged belly. A deeper massage is available in this position.



The back, mobilization of the legs and hips.



If there is any risk of placental abnormality, fetal blood supply ot uterine competence, this position is not recommended for the mum to be. 


If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to call, email or text me at anytime.


Of course, your obstetrician will also be able to advise you on what specific positioning system is best if you have any risks associated with your pregnancy. 

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