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Monthly Membership

At Artemisia Acupuncture + Apothecary, we recognize that different patients have different medical and financial needs. As a result, we offer limited Membership availability on a case by case basis. The standard way that patients pay for acupuncture is by paying per treatment. This means that the cost will vary with the number of treatments required for your condition. See “How many treatments do I need?” in our FAQs section.

However, we are committed to providing patients with affordable care, and to staying on the cutting edge of medical billing. Emerging trends in healthcare, like Direct Primary Care, are changing the way we think about medicine and about billing. Our new, innovative approach is simple: unlimited acupuncture, no matter how much treatment you need, no matter how complicated your condition, for a flat-rate of $500 per month. It’s simple, it’s innovative, and it lets you focus on what’s important: feeling better.

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