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May arrives with musings of music, massage and alchemy...

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius

Hello and a merry May to you all!

Here's some news!

This month I would like to share a little bit about the products that I use in my practice and the standards I believe in for body care. You'll find some fun and informative links to some of my favorite sources plus a bonus link to some amazing music my man, Henry Wolfe, has been working on.

AND! Introducing Hot Stone Massage!

Basalt river rocks are able to retain heat for a long time, and when placed on the body, both the heat and the weight of the warmed rocks help to melt taught muscles, increasing circulation to the areas of tension and relieving sore joints. Hot Stone Massage is now available to you, in all of it's glory, out of the comfort of your home! Please click here for more information and pricing. After years of experimenting with recipes and dreaming of alchemy, I have started making my own infused massage oils (click here to purchase) and body butters with a facial range on it's way! You can look forward to a rich Lavender Crème and a Shea Foot Butter, infused with Geranium and Ylang Ylang essential oils in your next massage! Of course all of the ingredients I use are organic and wild crafted wherever possible. All aromatics are derived from essential oils and are crafted to be suitable for sensitive skin and nourishing to all types of bodies. The base carrier oils I use for massage are totally unadulterated, organic, virgin and unrefined grapeseed oil (hypoallergenic, readily absorbed, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals) and cocount oil (highest in nutrients and a natural emollient).

Any feedback or requests around the products used in your massage/treatment is always welcomed!


Read on to explore a short expo and resource library regarding the regulation and safety of the ingredients and skin-care products on the market today... It can be a challenge to trust what is in your skin care and cosmetics in today's age of manipulative marketing and advertising. Take some time with these links for a dose of familiarity on the topic:

  1. Here you can enter your favorite products and brands into the Environmental Working Groups's search engine and get the skinny on what's inside:

  2. Ever wondered what those chemicals mean and what they're used for? Paula has the answer:

  3. Here is a great discussion on the use of parabens in our products even after all of there bad press... and a little illumination as to how manufacturers are able to hide risky ingredients by listing them as the natural source they were derived from (e.g. paraben = Japanese Honeysuckle):

  4. As we've seen, it's quite difficult to determine what is natural in the first place, and then we have to wonder if natural is always safer?

  5. For a more in depth discussion on the emerging science that regulates the safety of the ingredients in the products you use, try this link (you'll have to sign in, but it's worth the read!):

Well, it's over and out from my end. I hope to see you soon! Please always feel free to pass my information on to those you feel would benefit from the healing virtues of massage. Yours in health and wellness, Tamryn

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