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Going Electric!

“There is a better way to do it better. Find it.” - Thomas A. Edison

I recently decided to take a risk and start a lease on my first electric car. I spent a collection of hours pouring over Google and finally decided on a Chevy Spark EV! The benefits are significant - no more time or money spent at the gas station, a far smaller carbon foot print, federal and state rebates, and the chance to be part of a long overdue move towards a cleaner and conscientious planet. There are some draw backs, however. The technology is new, and so the learning curve is rather steep - there are few electric charging stations around the city, unusual routes may need to be mapped carefully, my car has to be plugged in daily, and going on road trips is impossible - unless you drive a Tesla! It struck me that the choice to go electric is in many ways very similar to choosing to lead and maintain a proactively healthy lifestyle. There is a certain commitment and vigilance that is necessary to live healthfully in our world of convenience and excess - perhaps some might see it as a sacrifice. There are certainly times I do! Comfort and accessibility are often in competition to wholesome choices. Time constraints can encourage impulsive behavior. Feeling good requires a daily "plug-in" of sorts - and when you miss a day, you feel it. And of course, there is also a learning curve toward the innate intuition of knowing what your body really needs in any given moment. Sometimes it takes a few failed tries to realize that a certain behavior is detrimental to your state of wellbeing. Just as there are better routes to take with an electric vehicle, there are more efficient and rewarding ways to inspire your health and your day. What could be even more helpful, even revolutionary, is a shift in perspective. We are faced with so many choices everyday and having already decided on a value system can make making the right choice so much easier. We can count on the collective force of change getting stronger every time one more person makes the jump toward a more sustainable system of energy.

What are your health goals? How could some of your best habits make a daily appearance? What makes you feel electric?

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