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An Autumnal Greeting... and some love for the lower back!

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” - Albert Camus

September 22 marks the Fall Equniox. The time in our calendar where the land and its inhabitants begin to prepare for the cooler, cozier months of the year. While it probably won't get too cold here in Los Angeles, we can certainly take a moment to honor this day of balance. Today is only one of two days in the year where the length of the day

perfectly matches up to the length of the night. Let's apply the concept of balance to our lower backs! A healthy and strong lower back does wonders to alleviate pain and imbalance in the rest of the body. In many ways, the lower back is either the foundation or starting point for many of our movements, and/or the part of our body that compensates for awkward lifting, sitting and motion. This is because it is the least flexible part of most people's backs AND an apex connecting our upper and lower bodies.

Here are some super simple and effective steps

to protecting your lovely lower back!

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